When I was about eight years old, I realized all the letters of my first name fit inside the M!

Maya Myers Media Kit

Hi! I’m Maya.

I write books for kids. I’m also a freelance book editor, working with authors and publishers on all sorts of books for kids and adults. When I’m not wrangling words (my own or someone else’s), you can probably find me cooking, digging in the garden, or (surprise!) reading.

I grew up playing in the woods on the coast of Maine, in a little town that is still almost thirty miles from a stoplight. I loved to write and draw as a kid, but as I got older, performing arts stole my heart—theater, ballet, and band. Between school, activities, and work, I was always on the go. Some jobs I had as a teenager: putting up displays in a theater lobby, cleaning hotel rooms, organizing a lawyer’s files, and working the counter at an adventure-golf course.

After eighteen years of long, gray winters, I wanted to try living somewhere warmer, so I went to Duke University, and I’ve lived in North Carolina ever since. After I got a degree in English with elementary teaching certification, I taught kindergarten and K-1, then K-5 literacy. While I was home raising my three kids, I read even more children’s books than I had as a teacher! Once the youngest went off to school, I started editing other people’s books for kids, and eventually decided to try writing some of my own.

I live in Charlotte with my husband, Matt, who is an author and illustrator of kids’ books (no, we haven’t done a book together yet; yes, we hope to!), three kids, six chickens, and a twenty-three-pound cat named Hoss.